Jutta Ceramic Artist
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Specializing in Distinctive Ceramic Wall Reflects and Free Standing Sculptures





Not behind me, Nor before me, Not even now, My life is within.....

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"...The shapes of her sculptures may suggest clouds, mountains, running water. Softly air brushed hues of rose, mauve and blue hint at the first blush of dawn....As in the natural world nothing here symmetrical....These sensual and alluring tactile pieces take us into a mysterious world surging with life...."


These words by Jacques Prevert say very much what 

 I feel as I wedge and roll and fold clay into gentle forms,

and try to give life to any object that will radiate light,

color and warmth.


I create not just for myself but for someone -

often still unknown - who will identify with this part of me. 

Sometimes I get impatient when the process takes so long

-forming, drying, firing, glazing, re-firing.  I fear that in the

end the initial spontaneity might get lost - until I realize that

each piece takes time to grow....JUTTA